ASI Election Events are back in person after 2 years of virtual setup

By Connie LeeApril 12, 2022

After two years of virtual elections, ASI has hosted several in-person events showcasing candidates and encouraging students to vote in the 2022 ASI Elections, which are taking place throughout this week.

During Cal Poly Pomona’s remote training, candidates for ASI elected officer positions were unable to attend in-person events to defend their plans. This semester, however, candidates were able to talk about their plans at the Candidates’ Gathering, the Senators’ and Senators-General’ Town Hall, and the President’s and Vice President’s Open Forum from April 5-7.

Election turnout also suffered during online instruction, as students were removed from campaigning and less interested in student government. Less than 25% of the CPP student body votes in elections each year, according to ASI Elections Chair Victoria Flores.

“We have candidates posting their posters on campus. On their posters they have what they plan to do for the student community,” Flores said. “The in-person campaign certainly helps a lot more and we really try to engage our students and persuade them to vote so we can have some really good numbers.”

Students and candidates congregate at Union Plaza as the in-person election events return. (Sam Padilla | The Poly Post)

Two duos are in the running for the presidency and the vice-presidency: Aliza Ortega and Daniel Foncello on one ticket, and Raaghav Wadhawan and Samy Ousman on the other.

Ortega, a communications student, and Foncello, an economics student, chose to run together after serving at ASI last year.

“I’m Senator CLASS and Aliza is our ASI Internal Affairs Officer, and we’ve become really good friends over the past year, so we decided we could make positive changes at school together. “Foncello said.

Their goals include representing students of color, first-generation students, DREAMer students, parents of students, transfer students, and funding Greek life. Their goal for a sustainable campus involves alternative energy sources, reducing water usage, and educating about the importance of sustainability. Ortega and Foncello’s civic engagement with the campus includes educating about available resources and allocating more resources for students.

“I think it’s important to have a good balance because it shows your leadership; it would be difficult to deal with all the different things, and yes, you might want to step down for your own sanity, but it would be nice to participate in all the clubs,” Ortega said. “I still plan to try and be active in whatever sorority I’m in and want to be as active as I am in the ASI events we have like Voter Registration Day or Transfer Commitment Week. “

Ortega said the running mates want to encourage students to participate and vote, no matter who they vote for. Ortega and Foncello want students to be active on campus.

Wadhawan and Ousman’s visions for ASI consist of sustainable programs, financial opportunity, and campus involvement. They are dedicated to building an engaged and supportive campus community with additional programs focused on sustainability, mental health, and finance to create an exciting campus for the CPP community.

“We did a lot of word of mouth, walked around campus and talked to people and our friends,” said Wadhawan, a computer engineering student. “At the moment it’s word of mouth, but we have meetings scheduled to attend different organization meetings such as a few fraternities and sororities and clubs as well. So that’s another way we’re trying to get across. our message by talking about our objectives and the programs we want to implement.

In addition to the race for president and vice president, students will also vote for senators to represent campus colleges and student councils. However, the majority of senatorial positions have only one candidate running.

Esperanza Lopez for College of Agriculture, Guillermo Nila for College of Engineering, Ilke Suzer for College of Environmental Design, Alham Garcia for College of Science, Naman Pandadiya for College of Business, Natalie Padilla for Greek Council, Ryan Beacham for The Multicultural Council and Jacob Reyes for the Council of Student Interests all ran unopposed.

Only the position of Senator CLASS has more than one candidate. Andres Leonardo Mejia, Raneen Vace and Jacob Luna are running to represent the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences.

Information on all candidates is available on the ASI Elections 2022 website. Online voting will begin Monday, April 11 at 7 a.m. and end on Thursday, April 14 at 7 a.m. via myBAR.

Featured image by Nicolas Hernandez

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