E&H Libraries Receives Grant to Diversify Health Collection | Local News


Funding was recently received for the Marion School of Health Sciences Library to build a health diversity collection, and for Emory’s Frederick Thrasher Kelly Library to develop an assessment tool of diversity from the network of the National Library of Medicine.

The Emory & Henry School of Health Sciences Library is a new member of the National Library of Medicine network. As a member of the network, Emory & Henry has been chosen to receive the Collection Equity Award, a $2,000 grant, to create a new collection of health and medical textbooks that address the lack of diversity in medical textbooks.

School of Health Sciences Library Liaison Jana Schellinger worked alongside Professors Emory and Professor Henry to develop the Diversity in Health collection.

“We are very excited about this project, and the books have already started to arrive,” says Schellinger.

In addition to the new collection of various health care textbooks, the Frederick Thrasher Kelly Library on the Emory & Henry campus is developing a software tool to assess the diversity of the university library’s collection.

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