Emory Libraries Announces Open Access Publishing Agreement with Cambridge University Press | Emory University

Emory University researchers can publish their work in open access in all Cambridge University Press journals without paying publication fees, thanks to an agreement between Emory Libraries and Cambridge University Press.

Open access journals do not charge libraries or readers to access their articles. Instead, they pass the cost on to authors through article publishing fees that can range from $500 to over $10,000. The agreement with Cambridge University Press exempts Emory researchers from paying these fees.

When Emory researchers openly publish their work, it maximizes the accessibility, discoverability, and impact of Emory research. The Libraries‘ Cambridge Pack includes over 380 peer-reviewed journals in the humanities, social sciences and STEM fields. Emory joins more than 1,000 prestigious research institutions around the world in formalizing this agreement with Cambridge, which aims to make all of their journals fully open by approximately 2025.

The agreement applies to all papers authored by Emory University researchers that are accepted for publication between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2024.

“The agreement between Emory Libraries and Cambridge University Press is a tremendous benefit for researchers at Emory University,” said Lisa Macklin, Acting Dean of Emory Libraries and University Librarian. “This allows Emory researchers to openly publish their papers in hundreds of prestigious journals across all disciplines at no cost to them, meaning those papers can be read and cited more widely.

“Open access to research results also benefits those who otherwise could not afford to access them or who do not have institutional access, such as the general public, many health practitioners and residents. developing countries,” adds Macklin, who is also Associate Dean of Research, Engagement and Scholarly Communications. “It increases equal access to knowledge across the world.”

The Open Access Publishing Fund through Emory Libraries provides funds to make it easier for Emory authors to publish in open access journals and books when no alternative funding is available, says Jody Bailey , head of the Scholarly Communications Office at Emory.

“However, this is a limited fund of last resort, and authors must meet rigorous criteria to be eligible for funding,” says Bailey. “In contrast, Emory Libraries’ agreement with Cambridge University Press provides seamless access to open access publishing for our scholars, with no limitation on the number of articles per author or per year. And the press uses the same rigorous peer-review process used in traditional subscription publishing.

Learn more on the Emory Libraries blog.

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