Event center to expand – GREAT BEND TRIBUNE

On Tuesday morning, the Barton County Commission approved a conditional land use permit for Randy and Debbie Deutsch for a property five miles northeast of Great Bend.

The Deutsches applied for permission to reside in a property that was dezoned and conditionally licensed for their event center in December 2019, said Environment Officer Judy Goreham. It is located on approximately 15 acres of land at 464 NE 20 Avenue.

On May 11, the Planning Commission recommended that the commissioners approve the conditional land permit.

Deutsches operate their Cornerstone Interiors and the new center. The facility is nicknamed Corinthian Hills.

“They had changes in their lives in a year and a half, and decided it was better to live on this property as well,” said Goreham. When a site is rezoned to a light manufacturing service business district and someone wants to live there, a conditional use permit is required.

Debbie began in April to go through the public hearing approval process through the Planning Commissioner. “So today I am here to ask you to uphold the recommendation of the Planning Commission to approve their request to use this property for residential purposes as well,” she said.

“We haven’t had any landowners within 1,000 feet to comment,” she said. And, there was no one at the meeting.

“I feel like she did a really good job in the year and a half she was there,” Goreham said. “She’s running a very nice operation.”

The property was once a residence, but the Deutsches have turned the majority of the main building, the ground floor of the original house, into part of an events center. The offices are upstairs and Debbie’s drapery business is in the basement.

They will live on the ground floor where there is still a kitchen and a bedroom, she said.

By the way, Goreham said the Deutsches had obtained a permit to construct a second large event building on the grounds. “It will also be a very good addition.”

In November 2019, Matt and Tami Dykes requested the zoning change of the area from agricultural district to light manufacturing services commercial district. This is how they can sell goods to the Deutsches who eventually moved their business from Main Street in Great Bend to the location.

Following this change, the departmental commission accepted the request for a conditional land use permit for the operation of the center on the site.

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