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Fractured Veil frontman talks timing, stands out in survival game genre

By on October 6, 2021 0

We spoke with Paddle Creek Games founder Ryan Wiancko about what made Fractured Veil stand out from other survival games.

Paddle Creek Games founder and director of the Fractured Veil project Ryan Wiancko says he’s never been completely gripped by a survival game. He claims he never came away completely satisfied with them, not for lack of play. He spent hours in Rust and 7 Days to Die, but there was always something that left him wanting more. With this, the Paddle Creek team aimed to take the open world of survival games and blend it with MMO philosophies like deep character progression. With that, the team built Fractured Veil: an open-world sci-fi survival game set in 2122 Maui.

We caught up with Wiancko to talk about Fractured Veil and he talked about not only the effort to differentiate the game, but also things learned and observed from the survival genre. The Paddle Creek team respect the aforementioned Rust and 7 Days to Die, but also games like the late Rend. Wiancko not only talks about the pitfalls the team tried to avoid in the gameplay and server economy, but also the timing of the launch and updates.

One of the other interesting topics covered by Wiancko is the challenge of creating an accessible user interface. UI / UX is of major importance in any game, and especially in MMOs and survival games, as a bad UI can drive gamers away before anything else. Wiancko explained how the team worked to lay the groundwork for the game, creating a good game in terms of interaction and the like. Then the team set about making a good UI / UX around it. Through this method, Wiancko claims that Fractured Veil has become one of the best and most accessible user interfaces.

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