Here’s Elina’s Super Credit – You Can’t Really Upgrade It Better?

Here’s Elina’s Super Credit – You Can’t Really Upgrade It Better?

After FHB and savings, Elina Bank also came up with a consumer-friendly home loan, which may be a favorite of many borrowers thanks to MNB regulation.

Is it worth choosing this?

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This is immediately apparent: only Elina currently offers a consumer-friendly loan with a 3-year interest-rate period. It can be very tempting, compared to other offers, that the customer does not have to bother with such occasional fees, which means saving hundreds of thousands of HUF. For example, your bank will credit:

  • the valuation fee (20-30 000 HUF)
  • fee for notarial registration (bank refunds up to 50 000 HUF)
  • disbursement commission ($ 500)

moreover, Elina also does not charge a fee for obtaining a copy of the property sheet and a copy of the map if we do so via Takernet.

But these are still not the strongest benefits for Elina. As part of this year-end promotion, you can still receive a $ 100 credit if your application is accepted by September 30th.

Qualified home loans also comply with central bank regulations: repayment is annuity, in addition to the three-year period, there are 5 and 10-year variations, and the credit assessment period can take up to 15 days from appraisal and disbursement can take up to two days.

Good tactics can be expected

It is clear from the credits and discounts that the bank has come up with a very strong offer, which also shows that besides the size of the interest rate premium, such and similar actions will be able to stimulate competition among the domestic credit institutions.

Previously, we predicted, in line with market consensus, that we would be overwhelmed by better home loans, and it quickly became apparent that each party would submit a well thought-out bid to the central bank's oversight and wait for its competitive offer. As a result, the dumping of consumer-friendly home loans will shift more into the autumn.

Previously, several financial institutions have told Pelita Borzkov that their rated loan product is coming soon, so it is almost certainly worth waiting a few months for anyone considering a home loan.