Hidden Gems: Multitalented Artist Mykell Messiah Drops Genre-Changing R&B Ballad In “Show Me,” New Single And Music Video

Mykell Messiah has lived many different creative lives since being born into his talented family. As a child, he traveled across Canada, the United States and England to play gospel music with his family. His family was very successful, but they also knew that Mykell needed to find his independence as a creative.

The artist will eventually enroll in a theater school and work on Broadway. There he grew as a global artist. He took what he learned from that environment to establish himself as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and more.

He also used his network and his talent to support the visions of other artists. Frank Ocean, 50 Cent, Ne-Yo and Mario are just a few of the big names he has worked with.

Following his early successes, the hardworking artist decided to step away from music for a bit. He used this time to realign himself and figure out what more he wanted to bring to the industry. Well, in 2020, the artist co-founded Morojele Music Group Inc. in Toronto, with the help of a longtime friend.

Thanks to his label, Mykell manages to execute his vision as a solo artist. His first album under the label is “Show Me”. It’s an impressive offering even in a popular genre.

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Right off the bat, listeners know they’re in for a treat with “Show Me.” The song begins with an original electronic synth sample, then jumps into soft chords and drums. The clear voices of the artist arrive at the same time. It will surprise listeners but still keep them hooked.

The artist shared that his goal with the single was to touch on love, vulnerability and passion. None of this is a new concept, especially in the realm of R&B. So to come up with something new, the artist refreshes his sound with amazing production choices.

As with the majority of Morojele Music Group releases, the music video for the song was directed by Lighter Juice. The video follows the story of a couple who must grasp difficult truths about each other. It’s a cinematic experience on an already intense song.

You can check out the music video for “Show Me” below or stream the single on your favorite platforms.

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