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Houlton Technical Education Instructor Wins Teacher of the Year Award

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HOULTON, Maine – Amber Sloat, who was chosen for the statewide teacher of the year award in vocational and technical education, was congratulated on Friday for the high number of certified students in their field.

Sloat is an introduction to the instructor of the medical professions at the Houlton Area Two School of Applied Technology. Earning state level qualifies her to be considered for a Northeast Region award.

The award is presented annually by vocational and technical education administrators in Maine to a teacher at one of the state’s many trade schools. It is usually presented at a conference in Lewiston, which was canceled this year due to the pandemic. Instead, he was introduced to region two, attended by Sloat’s family and faculty.

Several people also joined via Zoom to congratulate Sloat on the award.

“We determined that Amber would be a great candidate, as she is still a new teacher at CTE and is doing so well with her students,” said Dave Keaton, former regional director. two who are now executive directors of Maine Administrators of Career and Technical Education, during the presentation.

“Since being here, she has a 100 percent completion rate for phlebotomy certification students, which is pretty huge,” he said. Phlebotomy refers to the practice of drawing blood in a medical environment.

While in Region Two, Sloat also partnered with the University of Maine at Fort Kent and Northern Maine Community College to give her students the opportunity to earn college credit for their work in Region Two.

“I am very overwhelmed. I am very surprised, ”Sloat said. “It’s such an honor to be teacher of the year, in fact, I can’t even get my head on it.”

Sloat, who recently graduated with a master’s degree from Husson University, said she wanted to thank the staff and administrators in region two for supporting her incredibly throughout her career.

“I tell my students that teaching is the best part of nursing that I have ever done. It’s the most rewarding when you teach something and the students get to understand it, they understand it and they love it as much as I do, ”she said.

After receiving the award, Sloat will be considered for a Regional CTE Teacher Award along with applicants from other states in the Northeastern United States. This is followed by a national award which will be given to the best instructors across the country.

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