I know what you did last summer Freddie Prinze Jr. hints he might be making a comeback in The Horror Genre

For a new generation, Freddie Prinze Jr. could be Punky Brewster’s ex in the now-canceled reboot, Buffy’s husband, or the wrestling guy. But for Millennials and Gen Xers, it will always be Ray Bronson of I know what you did last summer and its sequel. Of course, the actor moved on to star in several movies and TV shows. Prinze hasn’t been a part of the horror genre since the 1998 sequel. But a long-awaited comeback could loom on the horizon as the She is all that star has teased a possible new horror movie.

In the 1990s, I know what you did last summer to put the Summer catch stars on the map with She is all that. Prinze moved away from horror for other genres like romantic comedies and sci-fi epics. He was the horror next to Fred Jones in the Scooby doo films, but he never completely returned to the genre. Now it looked like the podcaster might be ready to return to the genre. the Up to you star has proclaimed her potential comeback on Twitter.

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the I still know what you did last summer star seemed to be looking for a horror movie since the first movie. IKWYDLS was a high benchmark for Prinze as he hasn’t appeared in the genre for three decades. Of course, making this statement sparked some excitement from IKWYDLS Fans. One follower asked the most obvious question: Will the new project be a reboot of the beloved film? Sadly, Freddie Prinze Jr. crushed those dreams with a simple response.

Nooooo. Something new.

Of course, his response opened the floodgates as followers began to pitch their ideas for his eventual return to horror. Arguments ranged from possible reboots of other horror classics to outrageous original ideas. Sending this tweet proved that there was a thirst to see more of Freddie Prinze Jr. appear in the genre.

the IKWYDLS heritage marked a whole generation. The movie with the original Scream has made teen slasher movies a favorite genre for rising stars. It took Jennifer Love Hewitt and FPJ’s wife Sarah Michelle Gellar from beloved TV stars to legitimate movie stars. The cult classic made Prinze and Ryan Phillipe teen idols in the late 1990s and early 2000s. IKWYDLS became a box office success, grossing $ 126 million. Its success spawned two sequels with a reboot series premiering in 2021.

Given his horror pedigree, the return of Freddie Prinze Jr. looks highly anticipated. If the unknown project becomes a reality, it will mark its first live film since the 2008s. Jack and Jill against the world. Of course, fans have heard her voice work in recent years from several Star wars projects. So it’s time for the OG horror to make its triumphant return.

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