New Emanuel County GED Program to Help Inmates Get an Education

EMANUEL COUNTY, Georgia (WRDW / WAGT) – There is a new program in Emanuel County that allows inmates to get an education while serving their sentence.

Right after Jeffrey Brewer took office as sheriff in January, a high school student was arrested. As part of his sentence, he was sent to Washington County to get his GED. Sheriff Brewer wanted to bring something similar to his county. And a few months later, we see the first graduates completing the program.

Behind each inmate hides a story. And Emanuel County Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer is trying to make sure the next chapter is better than the last.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we have hopefully helped them with their rehabilitation process,” said Emanuel County Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer.

He wanted to set up a GED program for inmates and turned to Marion Shaw, a former school principal with 40 years of experience in education.

“The statistics completely show you that people who have their GEDs or degrees are less likely to come back, to see us again, and that’s the point of the tour is that we don’t want them to come back to us,” he said. said Marion Shaw, program coordinator.

The program immediately aroused interest.

“I just want a change of life. It’s time for something different. I wanted to improve myself. Turn something bad into something good, ”said William Tant, a man in the GED program.

The inmates attended classes three hours a day five days a week funded by the Southeastern Technical College. This week, three of them passed their final test and got their GED.

“It feels good. I couldn’t finish high school because I’m only 17, so it felt good,” said Ja’nay Carswell, a man who got his GED. .

“It feels good because I’m going to take one more step in society when I come out and so I can move forward in my life,” said Jaquan Mainer, a man who received his GED.

Two other inmates passed their forklift certifications which required six hours of instruction and a driving test to pass.

“This certificate was the first thing I accomplished in my life, and it was good,” Tant said.

Both will soon take their last GED test.

All say they are grateful to be in a place that is focused on shaping their future, regardless of their past.

It shows that they care about people. Just because we broke the law doesn’t mean we’re bad people

Shaw says they still have a few people working to complete this program and have already started screening inmates for the next round.

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