Parents respond to bill that will allow cameras inside Louisiana special education classrooms

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (WAFB) – Parents are looking at a new law that will impact Louisiana special education students.

In June, Governor Edwards signed a bill requiring cameras in special education classes across the state if a parent requests them.

Corhonda Corley, a parent from East Baton Rouge, says the law is personal.

“At first most parents think it can’t happen to them, and I was one of them,” Corley said.

Corley claims her 7-year-old son Corinth was abused by a teacher and staff at his old school.

So, the idea of ​​installing cameras in her son’s classroom is an idea that she fully supports.

“I have a child who does not speak. He has multiple disabilities. He is autistic, he suffers from a rare form of spina bifida, as well as epilepsy. He’s not in a position to tell me, Mom, that’s what’s happening to me, ”Corley said.

Ciearra Taylor is the parent of a child with special needs in Ascension Parish. She believes that there are a lot of advantages that could occur between students and staff.

“It really covers everyone,” Taylor said.

Taylor and Corley say it could help hold all parties accountable if anything were to happen.

“I not only have this report to watch, but I actually have video documentation that the school can provide,” Corley said.

Both parents understand that there are some who might disagree with the law due to privacy concerns.

For example, the Monroe City school district in northeast Louisiana is facing a pushback that could delay the installation of cameras for their children.

However, Corley believes that the safety of our children should trump these feelings.

“These children deserve the right to be safe and their parents deserve the right to go to work and to have peace knowing their child is safe, as the school system promises in its mission statement,” he said. Corley said.

A representative of the East Baton Rouge Parish School System said a parent should submit a formal request to the ESS department to have a camera installed.

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