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Romantic comedies are a popular genre in Hollywood films and have evolved over the years to become more inclusive and relevant.

The popular genre of romantic comedy has prevailed throughout film history, dating back to ancient Greece. The basics of romantic comedies are pretty simple: two characters awkwardly meet and face ordinary problems, eventually overcoming hardships along the way to live happily together forever. The interest of viewers for this genre goes beyond the clichés that are often attached to it. Romantic comedies are wholesome, stress-free shows that anyone can watch on a lazy Friday night, which makes them far more important to society than one might think.

Contrary to popular belief, not all romantic comedies are fueled by the power of romance alone. The genre often delves into other relationships a character may encounter, often with some kind of camaraderie evidenced between close friends or affection from close family members. It’s an important reminder of the value of other types of love and that a partner isn’t the only thing one should have with great personal value. Romcoms shine a light on the complex types of relationships we all have in our lives, from comical friend to overprotective parent, making them easily accessible to thousands of viewers around the world.

In fact, romantic comedies are now beginning to normalize inclusivity by including actors from various minority communities to attract viewers. A notable example is Crazy Rich Asians, a 2018 American romantic comedy-drama centered on the relationship between Rachel Chu, an economics professor, and Nick Young, her boyfriend from an extremely wealthy Singaporean family. The film highlights how love triumphs over social status by exploring the various tensions present in Rachel and Nick’s relationship, and celebrates Singapore by exploring the upper echelons of Singaporean society. from food to cars.

Romantic comedies also feature normal people in regular circumstances, which makes them particularly enjoyable to watch. Boring, mundane life stories intertwine with the power of Hollywood magic, where normal people eventually find their true love. Viewers end up finding themselves in relatable settings surrounded by relatable people. For example, the romantic comedy I have never explores the life of a normal American-born Indian high school girl, Maythrei Ramakrishnan, and the various struggles she faces in her life. From the pressures she faces to keep up with her schoolwork and to mend friendships, Maythrei’s life is intertwined with many viewers.

What makes romantic comedies unique compared to other genres is that they are much more relaxed and easy to watch. There are no heart-pounding or heartbreaking scenes like you see in action and horror movies. Instead, the plot is pretty simple, and viewers can take comfort in knowing that whatever happens, everything will be fine in the end. The narratives of romantic comedies tend to be easy to digest and viewers don’t have to use too much brainpower like in sci-fi movies, where there are complicated storylines and alternate universes. Some would argue that the sheer narrative of rom-coms makes the genre less appealing to watch; However, life for thousands of Americans has been grim lately, especially given the COVID-19 situation and the looming threat of World War III. There has been a growing demand for the wholesome and fun entertainment romantic comedies provide to viewers.

Some may also argue that romantic comedies eschew tradition and are too cliched. However, romantic comedies existed in Shakespeare’s time and some of his popular works of comedy of errors to the Gentlemen from Verona are of this type. Even back then, romantic comedies were popular because of the warm vibes they allowed viewers to feel. In fact, scientists have found a correlation between the release of oxytocin (the love hormone) and romantic comedies, which makes people feel more empathetic and induces feelings of pleasure, revealing that humans are naturally attracted to this genre.

Overall, the combination of everyday challenges, relatable characters, and happy endings make romantic comedies one of the most treasured genres in Hollywood today.

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