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  • Street runner sparked chain of events that sent woman 30 feet from overpass, GSP says – WSB-TV Channel 2

Street runner sparked chain of events that sent woman 30 feet from overpass, GSP says – WSB-TV Channel 2

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ATLANTA – A woman is alive after falling 30 feet from an interstate bridge after police say a street runner was what put her life in danger.

Leslie Reese, 27, underwent surgery on Wednesday for her injuries.

Tom Jones of Channel 2 spoke to her father, Irving Reese, as he waited to hear how his daughter was doing at Grady Memorial Hospital.

“She’s my little girl,” Irving Reese said, fighting back tears. “I’m just incredulous that my daughter fell off this bridge. I just can’t believe she fell off that bridge and survived.

Leslie Reese’s Chevrolet Cruze broke down around 4 p.m. Monday in the emergency lane of Interstate 85, just south of Piedmont Road.

She had called her roommate to come pick her up and she was in front of her car on the phone with a friend, Kelly King, who was on Plaster Avenue below.

King said that’s when tragedy struck.

“She heard him scream and the next thing she knows is that she hit the ground,” Irving Reese said.

Leslie Reese fell about 30 feet, leaving her seriously injured.

“All I’ve heard is a loud noise,” King said.


King told Jones she was working nearby and heard Reese hit the ground and ran to help.

“She was conscious. I know she was definitely in shock. We were just trying to keep her still, ”King said.

The Georgia State Patrol said an alleged street racer started it all.

Officers say Horace Dillard Jr. was traveling at excessive speeds, weaving in and out of traffic, and racing another car. They say he hit another car causing this driver to hit Reese and his car. The impact sent Reese flying over the bridge.

Reese’s father told Jones he was not happy to learn that street racing may have played a role in endangering his daughter’s life.

“Try not to be mad at the situation,” Irving Reese said.

The father said Leslie Reese had broken bones all over his body. But he said she is alive and even remembers what happened.

“She kept saying that she couldn’t believe this had happened to her. It’s the kind of thing that happens in movies, ”Irving Reese said.

Lesli Reese underwent surgery on Wednesday and appears to be doing well, according to her father.

Dillard is now in the Fulton County Jail. He faces charges of reckless driving, driving too fast for the conditions, and serious vehicle injury, along with other charges.

He is being held on $ 195,000 bond.

Irving Reese said he prayed for him because he ruined his life for nothing.

The family created a GoFundMe account to help Leslie Reese with her medical expenses.


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