The dollhouse connection you never noticed in weathered carbon

Fans of Whedon’s brilliantly bizarro sci-fi tailoring undoubtedly quickly spotted Dichen Lachman’s distinguishing features during his 12-episode series on “Altered Carbon”, as he was the focus of virtually every episode of “Dollhouse.” “, although the series was largely centered on Eliza dushkuthe character of Echo / Caroline. Nonetheless, Lachman’s Sierra / Priya was more than prominent throughout the 27-episode series, with Lachman playing the roles of murdered vixen and tragically wounded soul with equal intensity.

Although “Dollhouse” never really found its audience and got the ax sooner than the cast, crew, and fans would have liked, it proved to be a legitimate stepping stone for Lachman, who continued to delivering equally impressive work in lauded series like “The 100,“ Shameless, ”“ Agents of SHIELD, ”and“ Animal Kingdom. ”As for Lachman’s work on“ Altered Carbon, ”it is easily among the best of his career , and we were as sad to see her evil Reileen Kawahara meet its violent end as we were to see the series itself come to an end.

As for the other “Dollhouse” alumnus who appeared on “Altered Carbon,” we’re guessing some of you missed Tahmoh Penikett on the show because he was only there for a couple episodes of season 1, and he looked nothing like it himself. But it was definitely the veterinarian “Dollhouse” and “Battlestar Galactica” portraying the first iteration of the vile Russian gangster Demitri Kadmin in episodes 1 and 2 of “Altered Carbon”. And no, he couldn’t have looked less like his noble FBI agent “Dollhouse” as he threw himself in with Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) and tried to waste not only Poe (Chris Conner) but his fabulous Raven Hotel. But hey, at least Penikett stepped out in one of the most memorable scenes in “Altered Carbon”.

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