Tyler Berg sets school record in 10,000m; Lions win five weekend events

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia/NEW HAVEN, Conn. — With a time of 28:55.99, Tyler Berg set a school record in the 10,000m at the Virginia Challenge, while at the Mark Young Challenge, hosted by Yale, Columbia Track & Field brought together five winning performances by both men and women in a strong weekend of action in two different competitions.

At the Virginia Challenge, hosted by Virginia, Berg ran the first 10,000 m in under 29 minutes in program history, finishing sixth overall in the competition. Not to be outdone, Michael Danzi added an eighth-place finish in the 1,500 m, with a time of 3:42.22, the third best time in program history.

On the women’s side, in Virginia, Nikki Vanasse posted a 13th time of 4:18.42, the fourth best time in program history.

At Yale, Columbia’s winning performances were highlighted by the women’s high jump, where Columbia took the top three spots, led by Anna Jordahl-Henry which crosses 1.68 m. Tiffany Bautista finished second, requiring one more attempt to clear 1.68m and Julia Jordahl-Henry made it a family affair, clearing 1.64m to take third place.

Elsewhere on the field, Kali Hatcher jumped 12.53m to take first place in the long jump and give Columbia three winning marks in the field. On the track, Alex Rodman finished first in the 800m with a time of 2:13.06, while in the men’s Jack Bennet finished first in the 5000m with a time of $1:38.37 and Gavin Blanc took first place in the 3,000m steeplechase with a time of 9:47.19.


Mark Young Invitational (April 23)
New Haven, Conn.


Track results
200m – (1. Madelyn, Frey, Brown, 23.99); 19. Anna Jordahl-Henry, 26.27; 23. Patrice Smith26.82
400m – (1. Nadja Ashley, Stony Brook, 56.21); 6. Kimmi wood, 57.83; 7. Brianna Hodges58.07
400m H – (1. Anjoli Mathew, Brown, 1:03.65); 2. Seville Duran1:04.08
800m – 1. Alex Rodman, 2:13.06; 2. Delaney Sanacore, 2:13.98; 7. History Downing, 2:20.65; 15. Andrea Dubbles, 2:24.26
1500m – (1. Annika Sission, Unatt., 4:34.54); 2. Seneca Willen, 4:39.33; 3. Marie-Caroline Heinen, 4:40.26; 7. Charlotte Hartman, 4:48.93; 8. Isabelle Schmidt, 4:50.30; 16. Kate Kuwahara5:04.71

Field results
HJ- 1. Anna Jordahl-Henry, 5-06.00/1.68m; 2. Tiffany Bautista, 5-06.00/1.68m; 3. Julia Jordahl-Henry5-04.50/1.64m
VP- (1. Eileen Yang, Yale, 3.57m); 5. Emily Rooney9-03.00/2.82m
LJ- (1. Sydney Scott, Brown, 6.02m); 11. Patrice Smith16-4.05/00
TJ- 1. Kali Hatcher41-01.50/12.53m
SP- (1. Sage Sumpter, Nyack, 13.61m); 4. Patrice Smith33-04.75/10.18m
DT- (1. Violette Perry, Yale, 45.11m); 5. Lailah Malone, 125-0.00/38.10m; 6. Hailey Montgomery122-11.00/37.46m
HT- (1. Sophia Gallucci, Brunette, 54.18m); 7. Montgomery, 141-0.00/42.98m; ten. Nanette Collins133-07.00/40.73m


110m – (1. Bretram Rogers, Brown, 14.07); ten. Luc Ciarelli
400m – (1.Juma Sei, Yale, 47.76); 9. Devon Davey50.07
800m – (1. Luke Coulter, Stony Brook, 1:48.48); 6. Brandon Hicks1:54.69
5000m – 1. Jack Bennet, 14:38.37; 3. Anish Nanjappa14:48.78
3000m steeplechase – 1. Gavin Blanc9:47.19

Field results
VP- (1. Milan Spisek, Connecticut State, 4.86m); 4. Mason McVey14-05.50/4.41m
LJ- (1. Odera Nweke, Yale, 7.23m); 6. Jaden Ebank, 21-02.75/6.47m; 12. Ciarelli, 19-06.00
SP- (1. Bernardo Mbaya, Connecticut State, 15.81m); 2. Yoosang Kim, 51-06.25/15.70m; 5. Toby Tan49-09.75/15.18m
DT- (1. Mbaya, Southern Connecticut State, 48.04m); 5. Matt Lange, 137-03.00/41.84m; 6. Tan, 135-03.00/41.23m; 9.Kim, 112-07.00/34.33m
HT- (1. Kegan Schroeter, Brown, 61.05m); 4. Keegan Li160-08.00/48.98m


Virginia Challenge (April 22-23)
Charlottesville, Virginia.


Track results
1500m (Guest) – (1. Michaela Meyer, Nike, 4:11.03); 13. Nikki Vanasse4:18.42
1500m – (1. Laura Nicholson, Temple, 4:20.94); 42. Emilie Virtue4:32.13
10000m (Invite) – (1. Adelyn Ackley, Freedom, 33:49.00); 14. Linnaea Kavulitch34:53.31


Track results
800m (Guest) – (1. Kyle Burke, Lehigh, 1:48.45); 4. Justin O’Toole1:48.79
800m – (1. Tim McInerney, Georgetown, 1:48.69); 38. Juan Zarate-Sanchez, 1:53.21; 43. Nixon McKenzie1:53.87
1500m (Guest) – (1. Thomas Vanoppen, Wake Forest, 3:40.73); 8. Michael Danzi3:42.22
1500m – (1. Alexander Rizzo, Navy, 3:41.59); 22. Fountain Solomon, 3:47.02; 43. Ryan Borden3:50.45
10000m (Invite) – (1. Haftu Strintzos, Villanova, 28:34.41); 6. Tyler Berg28:55.99

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