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New books are added to the Prince William Public Libraries collection daily, ready for readers of all genres and styles. Here’s a sampling of the latest titles to grace our “New Books” shelves:

“It Could Hurt”

Best-selling author Stephanie Wrobel knows how to create an engaging and readable thriller. She did it again with “This Might Hurt”. Her latest story is the story of two sisters who tried to keep their lives apart, but when one of them disappears in a cult “resort”, the other has no choice but to try. to save her. Wrobel is an up-and-coming name in thriller fiction, so you’ll want to be one of the discerning readers who can say they read her early in her career.

“Think of me”

If Historical Fiction Is More Your Thing, “Think About Me” by Frances Liardet is a remarkable entry into this genre. Jumping between World War II in Alexandria, Egypt, and mid-1970s England, “Think of Me” is a romance with a bit of mystery. This is a slow-paced, character-driven story told from multiple points of view. It will appeal to readers who like to dwell on the quiet, inner lives of characters to a degree closer to literary fiction than genre literature.

“The Paradox Hotel”



Another book that mixes genres is “The Paradox Hotel” by Rob Hart. a sci-fi-mystery hybrid featuring a detective who loses his grip on reality. Set in a future/alternate world where time travel is not only possible, but is a hot commodity. This story will keep you guessing and offers suspense, thrills and mystery. It will also present provocative considerations about what it would be like to live in a world where time travel is possible.

“The Tobacco Wives”

If you like historical fiction that also manages to be topical, “The Tobacco Wives” by Adele Myers tells the story of a woman in an industrial town. The industry is tobacco, and the novel’s protagonist—a niece of one of the titular “tobacco women” married to the town’s leading men—finds she can’t look away from a series of occupational accidents and health problems affecting workers. A tribute to female political activism and a richly detailed portrait of time and place, “The Tobacco Wives” is a captivating first novel.

These books and more await avid readers at your local library. Learn more at pwcva.gov/library.

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